Kitchen and Bath Design

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Unique Approach

At Sullivan Kitchen & Bath our unique and effective approach to kitchen design has created more than just rooms—it has created a reputation for exquisite design and exceptional service. A family-owned business since 1989, we understand how important the kitchen and bath is in your home. Owners Jim & Janice Sullivan have developed a Process to ensure that comfort, beauty and function merge successfully in your remodeling or new construction project.

We Want You Involved

At Sullivan Kitchens, we base our designs on a simple premise—that client-involved design leads to greater client satisfaction. We work differently than other design firms in the area in that we feel your participation is essential in getting the design that fits your needs the most.

We Have the Experience You Need

First, Jim Sullivan visits your home to discuss your project and to take necessary measurements to begin the Design Stage. Prior to opening Sullivan Kitchen Jim owned & operated a successful remodeling business as a contractor since 1976. This expertise is utilized during the entire design project and it is critical as he gathers information and begins to scope out the framework of the project during the home visit.

Janice then prepares sketches to illustrate numerous design possibilities. Then you will meet with either Jim or Janice (or both) in our showroom to review these sketches and review in further detail how we feel the design's various features match your lifestyle. Through these visits we get to know as much about you as as possible. We often pull design elements from each design and combine them into the best plan for your project.

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